Colorful Mandala “Magnolia” – Free Pattern

I was five years old when I first time took a crochet hook in my hands while my mum was trying to figure out some writing on a paper and I remember (like it was yesterday) how she smiled at me and said _ sweetheart look what mummy has made. It was a small cute white mandala, nothing special but seems it was a huge inspiration for me. Since then I’m always trying to make as many beautiful mandalas as it is possible, because she loved them so much. That is why I have chosen this beautiful project for our today’s article and right now I’m going to teach you how to crochet it in the easiest way. Here on our blog we have brought to you a very helpful written patterns that will definitely make your crocheting process much more entertaining and enjoyable.

So, take your time, follow the instructions and make this kind of lovely mandala “Magnolia” in just a short period of time. I wish you a best of luck and joy with this unforgettable experience and of course, do not forget to share your experience with us. Happy crocheting!

Mandala Pattern

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