Cut Men’s Shirt Into A Top or Mini Dress

Cut Men's Old Shirt Into A Top or Mini Dress

Greeting everyone and welcome to, today we will teach you – how to cut men’s shirt into a top or mini dress. Reading this article I guess you are already thinking about a shirt that your are going to adjust 🙂 and to be honest it is a little bit funny and exciting, knowing that your partner, son or anyone who’s shirt you are going to cut, might be arguing about it and this is exactly what makes this sewing project more interesting and enjoyable. Besides, with this video tutorial we have brought to you today, you will be able to make something really beautiful and fancy, would it be a Top or Mini dress, it is on your choice and taste. We just want to wish you a good luck, it is pretty easy and hopefully you will handle it without much problems, follow video tutorials and make everything according to instructions. Please enjoy every minute of your sewing time and do not forget to share your experience and opinions with the other people.

Follow The Link Below For A Video Tutorial

Cut Shirt Into A Top or Mini Dress

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