How To Knit Tear Drop Stitch

Knit Tear Drop Stitch

Our friendly blog occasionally brings you the most beautiful, important and useful techniques of knitted stitches and we recommend not to miss any of them, because they could have significant role for your future progress and success. For today Craft-addicts and our group of professionals are going to present you one of the most desirable and popular knitting tutorials – how to knit tear drop stitch. As you can see these stitches look fabulous and they could be better if knitted in a right way.

In this video tutorial you are going to see the exact instructions and best advice how to start and finish knitting these gorgeous stitches. All you have to  do watch video and follow it step by step. We hope you will handle it easily. So, good luck to you, enjoy your knitting process and please share your opinions, questions and anything that’s on your mind with us in a comment section below.

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Knit Tear Drop Stitch

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  1. Me gusta mucho tejer y me gustan tus puntadas pero quisiera el grafico de como se hacen gracias

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