How To Knit Owl Cable Stitches And Owl Hat

Knit Owl Hat

I wanted to tell you a story or bring any fact about usefulness and importance of hats but I think this would be outrageous, because these knitted Owl hats speak for themselves. Just lock at these pictures and you will see how beautiful, cute, delicately made and comfortable they are. I have already started knitting one of these owl hats using blue and white yarns but while in process, I have decided to share them with you. Here are two video tutorials -how to knit Owl cable stitches and how to knit owl hat for loom knitters.

You can choose any of them or watch both, that’s on you, all I want to say, just follow the instructions and as a result you will be able to own a delightful Owl hat in just a small period of time. wishes you a good luck. Please enjoy your knitting time and remember that you can always share your impressions, opinions or anything that’s on your mind with us.

Follow this link for tutorials

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