Be First To Knit Gorgeous Antarktis shawl

Knit Antarktis shawl

Our previous article about the knitted scarfs appeared to be quite interesting for you and now we decided to bring you the patterns of gorgeous knitted shawls. First, let me tell you something about the drops and shawls.  You may do not follow fashionable events and activities and this would be a very useful information for you. Last year, during the fashion week in Milan, designers presented their spring collections and seven of the ten designers used the shawl as one of the most important attributes of their dresses. It had been no surprise for the rest of the fashion world, because the well made drops and shawls have always been very popular and commonly used by many famous designers. As we all know especially ladies, tendencies in fashion industry always go on circle and something that was popular and fancy 20 years ago, almost unarguably will be fancy again in the nearest future. That is how it works and it is a fact. Nothing lasts forever but nothing is lost forever as well and shawls are not the exceptions.

It would be hard enough for anyone to imagine even a year, when the knitted or crocheted shawl was not one of the swankiest accessories of that season. You may ask, why I am telling you all this? the answer is simple, I want you to better understand the importance and trendiness of drops and shawl itself. They are beautiful, graciously charming, comfortable, fancy and of course extremely useful. I can proudly say that the shawls are the favorite accessories for me and hopefully for you too. We give you a great chance to knit this graceful Antarktis shawl, if you have not already bought or made it yet.

So, without any other discussions let us take a look at the patterns. wishes to all of you a good luck. Please enjoy your knitting time and share your opinions and impressions with us.

Follow the link for patterns

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